West Coast Tour Wrapup.


What a tour. This was our best to date & that’s thanks to all your support. We had an amazing time exploring all the Western cities. One of my favourite bits about tour is the unexpected stops. The Laramie’s & the Wenatchee’s & the Modesto’s. There is such a hospitality & desire to see bands coming through & it translates into some pretty magical & memorable shows on our side of things. Thank you for being gracious hosts & helping us fall in love with your cities.

Also, did you know the West is loud & proud about Harry & the Hendersons? I wasn’t disappointed. We kept running into filming locations from state-to-state. From taxidermied mountain lions to esspresso shacks in the mountains – you guys want the world to know “HARRY AND THE HENDERSONS WAS FILMED HERE YALL”. I get it. It’s a pretty big deal.

We made some great friends & are excited to see you soon. As always, if you want to help facilitate a Parlours show in your area, email parlours@gmail.com & we can look at when it’s possible.

So. Much. Love.,
Dana & Parlours

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