“The band has an infectious, charming and uber melodic indie-pop sound with jangly guitars and a driving rhythm section reminiscent of The Cranberries.” – Bruce Warren, Exec Producer of World Cafe of NPR

“In a loud, gaudy music world ruled by Lady Gaga, Parlours is different. Understated, smart, fun, pointedly Midwestern.” –The Chicago Tribune

“What makes their impressive full-length debut All Is Here, out digitally today, truly rise above the crowded and competitive fray is the quality of Halferty’s melody-driven songcraft and her gentle, light-as-air vocals. One of the nicest surprises of the year.” – Dave Curtis, Direct Current Music / Sony BMG

“If you’ve ever wondered what the feeling of “home” would sound like in musical form, look no further, it’s here. Parlours. Is. It.” -Find Your Fav

“Halferty’s vocals have a deeply personal quality to them. Songs unfold with languid intimacy — half-whispered secrets in the listener’s ear” – Des Moines Cityview

“Lead singer Dana Halferty seems to enjoy the opportunity to be the thick blanket for others, breaking out a cool, smoky voice that is never overbearing, but sultry, hitting you like a sack of down feathers.” – Daytrotter