Guitar Chords
D Minor Chord Guitar: 4 Easy Tips To Play It!

So You Want To Play a D Minor Chord Guitar? The D minor is the sadder, more droopy brother of the D chord! D minor isn't very difficult to play, but then again it's not the most commonly used chord. I would still classify this as a beginner guitar chord, and you really should be learning this ...

Cm7 Guitar Chord: 3 Snazzy Secrets!

So You Want To Play a Cm7 Chord! Oooh, this chords name sounds fancy... Cm7 Guitar Chord... woah! But it's really not that hard to play! In this guide, I will show you the two easiest and most common ways to play it. The Am7 and Em7 shape variations! The Cm7 guitar chord is not a beginner ...

G Chord: 4 Tips For Better Sound

So You Want To Play a G Chord! A G Major Chord Consists of the Notes: G B and D, so if you play piano you are set, but for guitar players, I will give some advice on how to play the G and some little variations! G Major is very important! Now there are a few variations on how to play ...

B Chord: How To Play It For Guitar

So You Want To Play a B Chord! When you first learn guitar, the B chord is kind of glossed over... First you Learn C, A, G, E, D, and then the dreaded F chord, and then you somehow learned B7 before the B. Well if that's you I am here to remedy your problems. There is probably a reason the B ...

F Chord: 4 Tips To Conquer It!

The F ChordThe F chord is probably the biggest roadblock on many begginner guitar player's journey. I can still remember the days of the ringing B string, and the sore side of my finger. It may have taken me a month or so, but I got there, and after this article you will to! If you have an acoustic ...

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