Piano Songs To Learn, 10 Entertaining Tunes!


If I don’t like to listen to it, I won’t play it. Picking the right songs to learn can be tricky, and every pianist has had a time where they have searched longingly for the next song to add to their repetoire. So here are some piano songs to learn.

I have picked 10 songs I have learned and shared their tutorial with you here. Hopefully you find one you like, or at least get inspired. Keep jamming!

There are 10 Songs, and the difficulty alternates between Hard and Easy!

1) Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen [Hard]

There are many tutorials for this song, but this is the one I ended up learning. Highly reccommend putting in the time for this one, people love to sing along when you play it.

2) Moonlight Sonata, Movement 1 – Beethoven [Easier]

Beethoven’s music is recognised for its emotional intensity. Deafness didn’t stop him from writing famous piano pieces, like “Moonlight Sonata.” There are three movements to this song. The most known and popular is the first movement, which is the most identifiable and popular. pianissimo, which means extremely softly, with a triplet beat that moves smoothly. It has been described as sad, haunting, and suggestive of a moonlight landscape by many critics and audiences alike.

Maybe not the easiest, of the easy songs, but it’s well worth learning. And compared to the third movement you should be fine!

3) La Bamba – Los Lobos [Hard]

What a great tune, catchy and classic. Makes you want to dance and this piano tutorial captures the song nicely.

4) Congratulations – Post Malone [Easier]

Start at 21 seconds! The beginning is unecessary and hard!

Who doesn’t love Posty? This cover gives a great base to the song, so feel free to switch up the left-hand in this one and play with the arrangement if you are feeling adventurous.

This May Look hard at first, but it’s really just 5 different musical phrases put together. Very fun to play if you enjoy pop music!

5) Piano Man – Billy Joel [Hard]

This song is a great one to learn, and Billy Joel’s, Piano Man is just too famous to escape this list! It might not be the quickest song to learn, but it’s not overly difficult and is very satisfying to play.

6) Fur Ëlise – Beethoven [Easier]

Another of Beethoven’s most popular songs is the Bagatelle No. 25 in A minor, more well known as Fur Elise (For Elise). The “Elise” in question has yet to be identified. For its pleasant melody and popularity among beginning pianists, this piece is well recognised.

Everyone recognizes this song, and it is a great one to learn when just starting out.

7) Hungarian Rhapsody – Liszt [Hard]

Let’s move on to another tough piece… Hungarian Rhapsody! This song is frustratingly tough! In addition to being physically demanding, this song is also technically challenging and time-consuming to perform. Musically, you’ll be playing all over the place. You’ll need to be able to play fast and nimbly, as well as have an obsessive devotion to the song. Be aware of what you’re getting into with this tune, and prepare to practise for months!

8) Don’t Stop Believin – Journey [Easy]

Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin” is iconic and the piano riff is so pleasing to the ear. This song is one of the easiest on this list and a fun break from some of the harder songs.

Weirdly this song only peaked at 9 on the billboard charts!

9) Soviet National Anthem – Alexander Alexandrov [Hard]

The Soviet Anthem… you might be thinking, “well this is kind of strange to learn if you aren’t Russian”, but This song has incredible meme value, and sounds so nice to play.

But if you don’t want to learn this song, Learn Your Countries National Anthem Instead!

10) Twin Peaks Theme –Angelo Badalamenti [Easier]

What a wonderful tune, and if you aren’t familiar with Twin Peaks give it a watch as well! A relatively easy song to learn but strangley satisfying to play. This is a great piano song to learn!

11?) IPhone Ring Tones- Anonymous [Bonus]

An easy and well recognized one starts at 4:47

A bunch of short but sweet ringontes. Some of this are very easy, and other are suprisingly hard. I reccommend “Xylophone” (easy and recognizable) and “Opening” (classic ringtone). I know this isn’t really a song, but these are weirdly fun to mess around with, at least learn Xylophone starts at 4:47.


Well I hope you enjoyed this comprehensive list of piano songs to learn! These are some of my favorites and I’m sure you’ve already clicked off this article at least once!

If you think these are too hard, check out these basic piano songs

Have any extra suggestions for other piano songs people should learn? Leave Em In The Comments! In the mean time keep on learning.

Piano Songs To Learn
Thanks for reading!

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