Reddit Drum Kits: 9 Quality Kits

Reddit Drum Kits

So you’re just starting making beats, and you really don’t want to pay for anything just yet. Don’t worry, I’ve been there and I did just what you are doing, searched for drum kits off of Reddit. Lucky for you I’ve compiled them all into a list and chosen the most upvoted, and most favorited drum kits there are to find on Reddit. Going to r/drumkits, r/trapproduction, r/trapdrums, r/drums, and filtering through a whole bunch of broken links and dead files. I hope you enjoy the fruits of my labor.

You’ll notice a bunch of these Reddit drum kits are from Lunch77 so shoutout to him for making killer drum kits and spreading them for free.

How to Use Reddit Drum Kits

I recommend you download three of these kits and see what you like. Otherwise, you’ll wind up having a few gigabytes of drum sounds to sort through, and it will be hard to keep track of what you liked and what didn’t quite make the cut.

Reddit drum kits are a great resource for beat-makers. You can experiment with real professional sounds from your favorite artists and hand-curated kits from experienced beatmakers for free! If you want to stay updated I would recommend subscribing to r/drumkits.

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The Best Reddit Drum Kits:

One Shot Kit

If you were to download only a single kit on this list this kit is probably all you need. I know it might be a bit old, but the sounds are really timeless in here, and a great addition to anyone set of samples.

Drum Breaks

Incredible and pretty new drum kit. Not a lot of variation but sometimes that’s good! It comes with multiple hits of the same drum set, and some of the snare hits and hat hits are just very nice to listen to. This is a wonderful addition to a newer collection of Reddit drum kits!

808s Kit

This is a great drum kit and just as the title states it will contain. Every 808 you will ever need… well sort of. This drum kit is timeless. Every 808 in here is adaptable to match any 808 you hear in a song that you need. There are 100’s of 808’s so you will end up very close to any 808 you try to mimic, and sometimes it may even be that same 808.

I really like this drum kit, and there are endless possibilities here, though it is hard sorting through all the 808s at first. Enjoy this great Reddit drum kit.

drum set

Best Artists: Reddit Drum Kits

Pi’erre Bourne

This is one of my favorites. The sounds in this drum kit are very versatile, I especially love the percs. There are many unique sounds that work very well together. This is definitely one of my top Reddit drum kits.

It also has the “Hey Pierre you wanna come out here tag” so that’s a bonus.

Kenny Beats

Kenny Beats is one of the most prolific and celebrated beat-makers of our time. If you ever watch the Cave/his live streams you’ll want this drum kit. It will help you follow along in earlier episodes, and get a good grasp of Kenny’s sound design. This drum kit will also give you the ability to remake a lot of kenny beat beats! A great addition to your collection of Reddit drum kits,.

Kanye West

This Kanye drum kit has some of the weirdest sounds in it. Some of the snares sounds like random digital slaps with bells at the end. Some of the percs are absolutely wack, but in total it really great. I liked the kicks from this kit.

kanye west reddit drum kits

Charli XCX

This is a pretty new drum kit, and it’s great. I love the snaps and crashes from this kit. They are very nice to listen to. Overall a great kit, especially for a pop or hyper-pop type beat!

Tyler the Creator

This drum kit is necessary for any Tyler-type-beat and probably has spawned quite a few of them. There are some very psychedelic/alien-sounding, hits inside this drum kit. It definitely helps with creativity to have such a wide range of sounds, and really interesting ones at that.

Metro Boomin

Metro Boomin, may not be as popular as he was a while ago, but this drum kit is really high-class. Great for trap beats and cleaner stuff. I really like Metro Boomin’s stuff with 21 savage and this drum kit was great when I was experimenting making a beat like that. Overall a great drum kit and I really liked it!

Conclusion on Reddit Drum Kits

I hope you’ve found some great drum samples to use in your beat-making endeavors. My favorites are the Kanye, Tyler, and Charli XCX kits personally.

Thank you to r/drumkits for existing, go check the sub out and see if you find anything you really like or from any newer artists! I’ll try to update this page often.

Thank you for visiting Hedrich and George. I hope you like the site!

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