Musical Audition Tips! 8 Simple Things To Prepare

Musical audition tips can help out anyone, from professional performers to high school students! Trying out for a musical production requires different skills than a standard play or opera. If you want a leg up on your competition, read further for some insider tips for auditioning musicians. ...

Music Vocabulary List: 50+ Great Beginner Terms

A music vocabulary list is something that is super important to have! I have quickly summarized all the important terms into a quick list, so you can play almost every classical piece with ease. Scroll down to get right to the list! The style or fashion in which a particular piece of music ...

Connecting Bluetooth Midi to A Computer: 2 Simple Steps

Connecting Bluetooth Midi to A Computer: Introduction I found it very hard to connect my FP10 to my Mac when I first did it, and many of the articles available were either offtopic or unhelpful. So I've created a simple 2 step protocol to set up your Digital Piano as a MIDI Controller. It will ...

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