B Chord: How To Play It For Guitar

So You Want To Play a B Chord!

When you first learn guitar, the B chord is kind of glossed over… First you Learn C, A, G, E, D, and then the dreaded F chord, and then you somehow learned B7 before the B. Well if that’s you I am here to remedy your problems.

There is probably a reason the B shape is little missed, it’s the seventh in the key of C (not super applicable to easy progressions), and it’s really hard to play. But now that you’re eager to learn it, here it is.

B Chord Shape

B chord
B Major Chord, Notes are RIght to Left: B F# B D# F#

The B chord is quite funky to play on piano, and it is also odd to play on guitar as well. It also sounds kind of strange… maybe that’s just me. But just listen to it:

Well, this bad boy is a little easier than the F chord, but really not as useful for beginners. But in order to play it properly you are going to want to:

Tip 1, Proper Finger Placement

B chord jungle
The B-chord in it’s natural habitat. Edit: My hand is up one fret too high 🙁 but you understand the placement
  • Your Index Finger, will barre the second fret
  • Middle finger on the fourth fret of the D string
  • Ring finger on the fourth fret of the G string
  • Pinky finger on the fourth fret of the B string

Tip 2, Practice Barring

Like with the F chord, you need to practice applying pressure correctly. Have your elbow at your side, and your index finger should be slanted sideways.

Tip 3, A and E chord changes

The Most common changes are from the A and E to the B, so practice these once you’ve got the fingering down. This way you will be ready to use your newly learned chord in no time.

Tip 4, Alternates

B7, Notes are B D# A B F#, The A is the seventh referred to in the name B7 (notice the note difference between the chord above)

I love the sound of the B7 chord, just play B7 to E, or B7, A to E that just sounds wonderful. It’s like a sassy version of the chord above, and my favorite alternative at the moment. So while you’re at it go ahead and give this chord a try.

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