D Minor Chord Guitar: 4 Easy Tips To Play It!

So You Want To Play a D Minor Chord Guitar?

The D minor is the sadder, more droopy brother of the D chord! D minor isn’t very difficult to play, but then again it’s not the most commonly used chord. I would still classify this as a beginner guitar chord, and you really should be learning this chord! The notes of a D minor chord are D, F and A

I’m glad you’re here, let’s get to the D minor chord guitar tutorial!

The Shape of the D Minor Guitar Chord

D Minor Chord Guitar
The notes Left to Right are: D, A, D, F

D minor is a D chord with a diminished third, so instead of D, G#, A, you play D, F, A. So that’s why this looks like a D chord but with just one of the fingers shifted down a half-step.

D minor is thought to be a very eerie and sad chord and key. Bach’s 2nd cello suite is in the key of D minor and it’s sometimes played at memorials, for example, the 9/11 memorial, but well moving on from that not-so-fun fact. This is how the chord sounds:

D minor Chord Guitar

Tip 1, Proper Finger Placement

d minor chord guitar
Usually, the middle finger isn’t up it’s just for visibility. Also usually there aren’t rubber bands
  • Middle finger on the 2nd fret of the G string
  • Pinky or Ring finger on the 3rd fret of the B string
  • Index finger on the 1st fret of the little E string

Tip 2, Pinky or Middle?

There is an age-old debate about the d minor chord, whether tis nobler to sacrifice the pinky or ring finger upon the third fret of the B string. I was personally taught to use the pinky finger instead of the ring finger, but there are a lot of guitar players who. do either. So this is not a really big deal whichever one you use.


However, I will point out that the pinky finger does not get often used by a beginner. So if you are a beginner, I recommend the pinky finger. As a way to start developing finger strength and some callouses for when you later use it to make lots of chord types.

Chord Variations

The second advantage of the pinky fingering is that when you start messing around with chord shapes you can easier say add the ring finger to the third fret of the D string or move the pinky over to the third fret of the little E string easier than if you use the index fingering.

Tip 3, Chord Changes to D and G and A

The most common chord changes you are going to encounter when using D minor, are probably switching to the G or A chords, and their respective minors. So practice each of these for one minute, slowly and carefully changing chords. I would also try switching from D minor to D major as it’s a little tricky!

Tip 4, Practice the D Minor Chord Guitar

This chord was quite hard for me to get at first, but I just kept practicing it and eventually it became second nature. Now you may be thinking, why the heck would I want to practice the D minor guitar chord? Only you can really answer that question, but I’ll give the reason why I practiced it:

Hotel California by the Eagles! Absolutely great song to play, and it features the D minor!


Well, I hope you learned how to play the D Minor Chord for Guitar, or at least learned what it sounded and looks like! I hope you play Hotel California sometime soon, I really like the song! Until next time!

Mark D.

Mark D.

Hi, I'm Mark. I've been playing instruments since I was just a little kid. I've played cello and piano for a few years, and recently picked up guitar. I've produced bad music. I also run this blog where I share interesting things I've learned. I hope you Enjoy my posts!

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