Is Bass Easy to Learn? 1 Easy Explanation

Introduction and Answer to The Question: Is Bass Easy to Learn?

Bass Guitars can be easy or hard to play. It all depends on who you ask. If you want to jam along on the root note till the end of time, that’s easy. If you want to be the next Stanley Clarke, it’s going to be difficult. Objectively, the Bass Guitar itself is easier for beginners to pick up than a guitar, cello, or piano. It’s just simpler, only 4 strings, no re-entrant tuning, no need to learn sheet music. And I would encourage everyone that want’s to learn bass to go out and do it: you have the capability.

But. You probably want to be good at bass, and not just play 4 notes. So while bass may be easy as a beginner, it will eventually develop into something very hard to master.

Bass Guitars are an integral part of the rhythm section of a band, especially in genres like Rock or Jazz. It is the bumping bottom end or the smooth ambiance. If you can’t decide between the Bass or Guitar or any other instrument, you probably want to learn more about how the bass works and how much effort you’ll have to put into it. So let’s get to the long answer to the question: “Is It Easy To Play the Bass Guitar?”

Is Bass Easy to Learn
Is Bass Easy to Learn?

What is The Bass Guitar?

The Bass

The bass guitar determines the music’s feel and tone. The bass, together with the drums, establishes the beat of any song. When bass musicians play jazz they almost are always improvising everything. They play what feels right.

An electric guitar has six strings, and a basic bass guitar only has four. A bass guitar is also bigger than a standard guitar. A guitarist tunes their guitar to (E-A-D-G-B-E). And you tune the bass only with the four lowest strings (E-A-D-G).

The Bass is not the most popular instrument. And is sometimes referred to as a Bass Guitar, Electric Bass, or Bass to not confuse it with the Double-Bass.

Quick Bass Vs Guitar Comparison

Guitar vs Bass GuitarIs Bass Easy to Learn
Number of Strings
Lead or Back-Up Chorus
Bass Lines and Rhythm
More Adaptable to Many Certain Musical Situations
Less Adaptable, hindered by the low register, thick strings, and less range
Variable: Jack White Used an Octave Pedal to Play The Bass in 7 Nation Army
Almost Always Lower Frequencies
Acoustic Versions and More Guitar Luthiers than Bass Guitar Luthiers
No Acoustic Version, Less Availability
PopularityCheck = More Popular
Around the Same Price Point
Around the Same Price Point
What it Feels Like To Play It
Technically Satisfying and Very Fun
Bone Shaking Power

Should I Play The Bass?

You will want to know if the Bass Guitar is right for you before getting one. Otherwise, it’s another waste of time and money.

How do you know if the Bass is Right For You?

  • You like the Rhthym of the Music over the Melody
  • You are a bit unorthodox, and don’t mind being the unsung hero, and heart of the band
  • You don’t mind playing simple bass lines for parts of songs
  • You want to be able to be decent in a short amount of time

You should rent the equipment first before purchasing a new one. Or, you might try borrowing a bass guitar from a buddy. So, you can get a sense of the instrument without a monetary commitment! He can also answer any questions like: “is bass easy to learn?”

Do you think it will be easy to play bass guitar? What do you think so far?

Is Bass Easy to Learn? Long Answer

To be curt, it takes years of playing, practicing and instruction to be good at an instrument. You will not be a great bassist overnight, nor would you be a great drummer or guitarist in a day. You get out of it what you put in.

Boy Playing Bass

The most common parallel that beginners make is between the bass and the guitar. Which one is simpler? While it may appear that the bass with its four strings is easier to play, this is not the case. You’re overlooking the fact that the bass guitar serves as the track’s basis. rhythm, it sets the tone for the rest of the instruments.

You must develop a strong sense of rhythm to play the bass guitar. Rhythm-wise, it is easier to play a normal guitar than the bass. Because you aren’t the main focus, you can’t lead the band. You also will have to adapt to tempo and drum rolls on the fly.

The bass guitar is physically more difficult to play since it is bigger with thicker strings. But it’s quite easy to learn. You can begin playing a few notes and quickly develop your technique and muscles.

Can You Teach Yourself to Play Bass Guitar?

Yes, you can! There are tons of self-taught musicians or autodidacts to be fancy. Look up some progress journeys on YouTube or Google it. Learn music theory alongside learning the bass though!

It’s actually not that hard to teach yourself an instrument nowadays. Here are some recommended resources:

  • Books about Bass Guitar, just go download some for free of the internet!
  • Youtube Video, if books aren’t your thing, no problem there is an abundance of videos!
  • Jam Sessions, Jam with a better Bassist to learn!
  • r/bassguitar, and reddit in general will help you with most questions!

How Long Does it Take to Play Bass Guitar?

It will probably take about 2 weeks to learn all of the basics, and be able to jam along on bass guitar with your friends. If you already know music theory or play the guitar it will take a few days!

I suggest you learn:

  • Scales
  • Chords (as theory, they aren’t really applicable in practice to basses)
  • Notes
  • Rhythms
  • Basic Anatomy of the Bass (Neck, Fretboard, Strings)
is bass easy to learn
Is Bass Easy to Learn: Learn The Anatomy of Bass

How Many Hours Should I Practice Bass?

Well as this article concludes, you’re probably wondering how many hours you should practice your bass for. I would suggest sticking to a consistent pattern and just 30 minutes a day you will see great progress over the months as you learn.

Serious musicians may practice their instruments for 2-3 hours a day. While professionals may practice 6-8 hours! Some legendary instrumentalists practice up to 12 hours a day sometimes!

However, I’d recommend sticking to 30 minutes a day so you don’t get sick of the instrument!

Conclusion On Is Bass Easy to Learn

By now, you’ll understand that there is no answer to this question! So just go out there and make some music. Throw some noise into the void and hope it sticks, or maybe just do it to do it. Play some scales, use the fretboard like a sword. Play some chords on the bass. Whatever, it’s all possible just go out there and do it.

Thanks for reading this Parlours Music post about the bass guitar! And now you know: Is Bass Easy to Learn…. well kinda.

Mark D.

Mark D.

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