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Buying A Cello: 7 Quick and Easy Tips!

Buying A Cello... Where To Begin Purchasing a cello can be hard! Especially when you do it without knowing what to look for. Even the highest quality wood, and varnish and craftsmanship of a cello, could be ruined with an inadequate setup. And given the cost of a cell, making sure you are ...

What Does Diction Mean in Music: 2 Meanings

Definition: The Musical Definition of Diction: Diction is the style and manner in which you pronounce and enunciate the words you use when singing. Now, this definition is for singers, as that's the most common use of the word diction. Dict- is the latin root for "to say". So it makes ...

How To Play Piano By Ear: 7 Expert Tips

Introduction: A pianist's ability to recreate a song they've heard without using sheet music is known as playing by ear. Playing by ear is quite useful to be able to do, as pianists don't always have time to learn and memorize sheet music, or maybe there is no sheet music available! A fun way ...

Cm7 Guitar Chord: 3 Snazzy Secrets!

So You Want To Play a Cm7 Chord! Oooh, this chords name sounds fancy... Cm7 Guitar Chord... woah! But it's really not that hard to play! In this guide, I will show you the two easiest and most common ways to play it. The Am7 and Em7 shape variations! The Cm7 guitar chord is not a beginner ...

Bass Clef Notes: 5 Tricks on How To Read ‘Em!

Note the F shape What is Bass Clef? The Bass Clef is drawn on a staff that is made of five lines and four spaces, each of these spaces and lines indicates a different pitch. There are many different clefs, and the Bass Clef is the lowest of them... so the notes on its staff are the notes ...

E Minor Pentatonic Scale: 5 Simple Positions and Advice

Introducing the Scale The E minor pentatonic scale is, without a doubt, the most popular scale on the guitar. The notes of the E minor pentatonic scale are beginner-friendly, and after memorizing one pattern you are ready to rock. The versatility of this scale cannot be overstated. It's used in ...

G Chord: 4 Tips For Better Sound

So You Want To Play a G Chord! A G Major Chord Consists of the Notes: G B and D, so if you play piano you are set, but for guitar players, I will give some advice on how to play the G and some little variations! G Major is very important! Now there are a few variations on how to play ...

Tone and Tenor… What Does It Mean?

Meaning 'Tone and tenor' relates to the way your audience perceives the object being described. Usually, but not always, textual communication is the focus. Alternatively, it might refer to an event. Although both words have musical meanings. The term "tone and tenor" are sometimes used ...

Piano Songs To Learn, 10 Entertaining Tunes!

Introduction If I don't like to listen to it, I won't play it. Picking the right songs to learn can be tricky, and every pianist has had a time where they have searched longingly for the next song to add to their repetoire. So here are some piano songs to learn. I have picked 10 songs I have ...

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